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On this Day: Jerry Rice became the All-Time Touchdown King

9/5/1994- On this date, 29 years ago, Jerry Rice broke Jim Brown's career touchdown record. With the 49ers coming within a game from the Super Bowl the past two years and boasting one of the most talented rosters in the NFL, expectations were sky-high in the City by the Bay. All eyes were on San Francisco when the Raiders came to town.

Early in the first quarter with the game tied at zero, Steve Young faked a handoff to Ricky Watters before launching the ball high into the air where it caught Rice in stride, well beyond the reach of the nearest Los Angeles defenders. Lionel Washington refused to give up the massive 70-yard strike so easily and managed to clip Rice's ankle with his outstretched fingers, causing the great receiver to stumble at the Raiders' 19-yard line. Still, he kept pace and crossed the goal line with ease as the crowd roared its approval.

Jerry Rice had to wait a while for his second touchdown of the night. The 49ers were loaded with talent on both sides of the ball that year and had the luxury of spreading the ball around for long stretches of time. As the 49ers lined up for their second drive of the fourth quarter, they led 30-14 and were cruising their way to victory.

That's when offensive coordinator Mike Shanahan decided to switch things up. He had Young hand off to Watters who then ran around the left end before giving the ball to Rice who then went around the right end at his team's 30-yard line before outracing most of the Raiders' defense for an exhilarating touchdown. He was now tied with the great Jim Brown.

Could he do it? Could Jerry Rice break Jim Brown's record in front of his hometown audience? After all, he had tied the all-time mark with just enough time for one last shot that night.

Although the 49ers led 37-14 and usually would have had all of their backups in play by then, coach George Seifert elected to give his starters one last chance. Lined up at the Raiders' 38-yard line with little time left on the clock, Steve Young dropped back and launched the ball at the goal line where the game's greatest player caught it in a sea of Silver and Black. At that moment, the final score of 44-14 hardly mattered at all. All that mattered to all in attendance was that Jerry Rice had broken Jim Brown's career touchdown record, scoring the 125th, 126th and 127th touchdowns of his storied career in his home stadium and in front of his adoring fans.

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