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On This Day: Babe Ruth's Major League Debut

On July 11, 1914, 99 years ago today, an up-and-coming pitcher made his major league debut. Although the masses had yet to hear of him, he quickly became a household name not for his greatness at the plate but rather for his productivity on the mound. His name: George Herman Ruth, but most people would simply call him "Babe".

Starting for the Boston Red Sox at two-year-old Fenway Park on that afternoon, the left faced off against a slew of the game's greats that littered the Cleveland Naps in those days. Players such as "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, Nap Lajoie and Ray Chapman would each impact the game in one way or the other in the years to come.

Ruth was not stellar that day, giving up eight hits and two runs while going 0 for 2 at the plate, but he was good enough. After Dutch Leonard finished off the final two innings, Babe Ruth had earned his first major league win, 4-3 over the Naps.

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