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The Seagulls of Kezar

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

A flock of seagulls flies over San Francisco

The air is crisp and the sun is radiant

The leader looks down and smells fresh dough

A large crowd has gathered to watch a good game

The flock flies closer and the crowd swiftly scatters

Fresh sourdough makes the flock fly faster.

They scatter to pick at the crumbs

The game is about to begin

The crowd roars in delight

The birds don’t care for they are hungry

The crowd roars as 22 grown men crash against one another.

The flock looks for water

Crumbs makes them thirsty

The game comes to a close with the victor riding into the sunset

The seagulls gather together, their daily quest complete.

They fly away, off into the sunset, where the victorious reside.

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