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The Long, Dark Tunnel

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Oh the tales a tunnel can tell

Of the bloodied warriors and mindful coaches

The dust kicks up and one is taken aback

Aback to a simpler time

A time when a team searched in vain for greatness

A time when the city hated and loved its’ team

A tunnel which opened to the world yet was covered in wire

The legends which roamed this sacred hall

From Brown, Brown and the Cleveland Browns

To Bednarick, Landry and Layne.

The long, dark tunnel has hosted many greats

Boxing and Hollywood have taken a stroll or two

From Marciano to Eastwood.

A number have called it home too

Nomellini, the Million Dollar Backfield and the Gold Rush

Albert, Brodie and St. Clair to name a few

Listen closely and you can hear the echoes.

The echo of greatness is deafening.

Though time grows old, the old tunnel stands true.

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