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The Crowd Roars

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

The Niners had the flu but their fans had the Fever

NFC Championship Game

89 yards to glory

Doomsday Defense

A lineman vomits in the huddle and the offense recoils

Set, Hut!

Bodies crash against one another

The Niners move forward

The crowd roars

Heads ache with the flu

The Niners move forward

They run, they run and they run

The Cowboys are flummoxed

The Niners move forward

Montana misses Solomon in the end zone

Elliot powers forward


Walsh thinks

Walsh talks to Montana

Montana trots onto the field

The crowd holds its breath

Forget the flu, the Fever is more intense

Set, Hut!

Montana rolls out to the right

Too Tall Jones is in pursuit

Montana throws

Montana is knocked on his rump

The ball hangs in orbit

A pair of hands appears out of thin air

Clark cradles the ball

The 49ers Fever is at a fever pitch

The crowd roars

Less than a minute left

The Cowboys reach midfield

White fumbles and the Niners recover

The crowd roars.

Players jump in jubilance

Montana collapses in the locker room

Players jump in jubilance

The crowd roars

The crowd roars

The crowd ROARS

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