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A New Season

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

A long Summer gives way to Fall

The Sun grows dimmer and the leaves fall.

A young boy awakens with joy in his eye

A new season of football is standing idly bye.

The grass is green and the field is unmuddied

The boy eats in a hurry.

The air grows warmer and the jerseys arrive unbloodied

The boy arrives at the field with not a worry.

The team trickles into the locker room

A game played for generations honors it’s history.

Pads are put on, helmets are placed on heads and cleats are tightened.

The boy grows anxious; his youthful enthusiasm shines brighter than the Sun.

The coach enters the locker room and gives a speech.

The team is fired up and the boy beams in anticipation.

The team bursts through the door, ready for battle

And ready for a new season of life.

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