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11,676 Days

It's been 11,676 days since the Golden State Warriors last played the Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs. A lot has changed and some have remained the same. But what remains constant is change.

Change has seen one Lakers dynasty die and another rise just a few years later.

Change has seen Run TMC and the franchise wither to legend and a litany of what-could-have-beens.

Change has seen the Lakers ownership go through family drama typically seen in soap operas but still, the franchise remains in the same family's hands.

Change has seen the Warriors go from one ownership group to the next, always seeming to get in each other's way.

Change has seen the Lakers retire one jersey number after the next as legends came and went, leaving their legacy within the halls of the Forum, Staples Center and now, Arena.

Change has seen the Warriors introduce Nellie Ball and We Believe with fans celebrating a playoff series win like the NBA Finals.

Change has seen the Lakers go from Showtime to the Triangle Offense with one being led by Magic and the other operated by the Black Mamba.

Change has seen the Warriors somehow reflect all of the positive qualities of the NBA's most recent dynasties while being led by the Baby-Faced Assassin and his posse.

Change has seen the Lakers sign yet another all-time scoring leader, one whose history with the Warriors is all-encompassing in the NBA's most recent dynasty.

Change has seen the Warriors go from Oracle Arena to "Roaracle" to the stately pristine Chase Center while still keeping the same championship vibe, celebrating playoff series wins like its 2007 all over again, because some things never change.

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